Behind The Mask

A collection of interviews highlighting the people behind some of San Diego's local businesses. Learn how we can best support and connect with each other during this uncertain time.

Aisle Planner:
Christina & Rob Farrow

"COVID has reminded us how important those meaningful connections are, both online and offline, and we’re excited to explore new ways and do what we can to support our customers in making those meaningful connections."

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Young Hickory | Behind The Mask

Young Hickory:
Clay Summers

"Connection is something everyone needs and wants, even if you can be a bit anti-social (like myself). It's one of those things that is easily taken for granted until it's not readily available."

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Channin Fulton Art + Design | Interview

Channin Fulton Art + Design

"This year, connection has meant upping my technology literacy game and studying nature. I'm learning that connection is sometimes uncomfortable and ever-evolving."

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