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Clay Summers

Young Hickory | Clay Summers

Clay Summers,
owner of Young Hickory

Meet the man behind a counter service cafe that fuses together two of his favorite things: coffee and beer!


What’s your message to your community?

Stay vigilant! Things are very challenging for most people right now, but the longer this epidemic lasts the tougher things will be long term. Be intentional with your social interactions and please, wear a mask!


How can the community best support you?

Come by and get coffee and beer! Our online store is stocked up with merch and beans as well, And keep being generous to the staff, they really appreciate it.


What has been your creative escape during COVID?

I’ve spent more time playing video games as more of an escape, though I’m not sure you would call that “creative”. Much of my creative energy has gone into update visuals and products for the cafe business, such as photos, poster & flyer designs, and online marketing.


What has COVID taught you about connection?

Connection is something everyone needs and wants, even if you can be a bit anti-social (like myself). It’s one of those things that is easily taken for granted until it’s not readily available.


What place in your neighborhood are you excited to get back to? Why?

I really miss going to Fernside, my favorite Restaurant/Bar in South Park. My good friends work there and I know all the staff. It was one of those places I could always escape to meet a friend or just unwind after a long day.


If you were to write a book about 2020 so far, what would the title be?

“Why Leadership Matters.”


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