Chris Bourgeois & Amanda Matson

TapShack | Behing The Mask

Chris Bourgeois and Amanda Matson
Owners of TapShack

Meet the friendly duo behind the locally sourced kombucha brand, TapShack. They are pushing boundaries of innovation and fueling the daily lives of extraordinary individuals through irresistible flavors.


What’s your message to your community?

In a world that’s ever changing we hope to be a constant in our community- where friends and family can come to escape & where they can leave feeling even better than when they arrived. We will continue to do our very best to serve our community the best way we know how- with good vibes & quality product.


How can the community best support you?

Word of mouth is the best way! If you’ve enjoyed your experience with TapShack we’d love for you to share it with your friends & family!


What has been your creative escape during COVID?

Defiantly our Brewery. It’s a wonderful place to come and tune out the world and just focus on what we love. Creating the best Kombucha possible.


What has COVID taught you about connection?

Not to take advantage of time with friends and loved ones. When you can’t see you parents or grandparents for months at a time you realize that spending quality time is very important.


What place in your neighborhood are you excited to get back to? Why?

The beach, The cliffs and of course a handful of our favorite local restaurants/bars & shops that we love!


If you were to write a book about 2020 so far, what would the title be?

“It Could Always Be Worse”


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