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Christina & Rob Farrow,
Founders of Aisle Planner

Meet the duo behind an all-in-one platform where you can market your business, connect with and close new clients, collaborate with your partners, and design and deliver spectacular events down to the very last detail.

Aisle Planner | Behind The Mask


What’s your message to your community?

Hang in there. Find creative ways to make things happen. You are resilient. Oh, and wear a mask!


What has been your creative escape during COVID?

Now that we’re eating at home more these days, we’ve definitely upped our game in the kitchen. We’ve tried new recipes, and we’ve gotten more creative with plating and presentation. We’re eating outside on our back deck more often and we’re lighting the candles and backyard fire pit more as well. Dinners at home have become a fun treat and almost a mini escape from working at home all day.


What has COVID taught you about connection?

COVID has reminded us how much we rely on connecting with our family, friends, neighbors and community to live a fulfilling life. COVID has also taught us how reconnecting in new and different ways can lead to deeper and more meaningful relationships. Slowing it down over the last few months has made space for creative and more intentional connections and reconnections, and for that, we are thankful.

On the business front, meaningful connections are just as important as ever, especially in times like these. We built our online tools to help wedding pros connect and collaborate with their clients along with their event partners online, but we never imagined a time when our platform would take on a different meaning to support the constraints of planning through a global pandemic. COVID has reminded us how important those meaningful connections are, both online and offline, and we’re excited to explore new ways and do what we can to support our customers in making those meaningful connections.


What place in your neighborhood are you excited to get back to? Why?

Although the beaches are open, the few times we’ve ventured to our local neighborhood beach, it’s been so crowded that it is nearly impossible to remain socially distant. It’s been hot and summer always brings crowds from near and far to the beach, so it’s not unusual that we look forward to the end of summer when we get our beaches back, but this year more than ever, we are counting the days!


If you were to write a book about 2020 so far, what would the title be?

Postponed, Not Cancelled


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