Twenty-Twenty San Diego

A grassroots community project, transforming memories into art.

Twenty-Twenty | San Diego Design Week Event

The Twenty-Twenty project was created to document the personal experiences of San Diego residents during a historic year. Alfa Charlie spearheaded this community-driven endeavor from start to finish, taking charge of branding, web design, web development, layout design, and event production. The project received over 50 submissions of photographs and artwork from community members. With the support of Neyenesch Printers, the project was curated into a printed book and a digital experience available online. The book was later sold, with proceeds supporting the David's Harp Foundation. In September 2021, the project was transformed into an art exhibit at San Diego Design Week, showcasing the exquisite artwork that had been collected and providing visitors with an immersive experience of the soul of the San Diego community.

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    Twenty-Twenty SD
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    • Visual Identity
    • Messaging
    • Web Design
    • Web Development
    • Graphic Design
    • Event Planning
Twenty-Twenty San Diego | Logo Design
Twenty-Twenty logo gloss print on matte paper
Twenty-Twenty San Diego | Icon Design
Twenty-Twenty San Diego | Project Dedication
Twenty-Twenty San Diego Book | Cover and Interior Design
Book design flexible grid
Twenty-Twenty San Diego | Illustration
Covid wedding by Missy Peters
Interior spreads of the Twenty-Twenty book
Stay at home orders by Jen Rubin
Twenty-Twenty San Diego | Meme Illustration
Twenty-Twenty San Diego | Meme Illustration
Interior spread of 2020 election art by Channin Fulton
Twenty-Twenty website page designs
Twenty-Twenty website page designs
San Diego Design Week poster design
Reva Green placing logo decal
Twetny-Twenty art show during San Diego Design Week
Craft table at San Diego Design Week exhibit
Shelter in Place display