Dupar & Co.

Crafting a family of brands that captures the vision and values of a long culinary legacy.

After three decades of unmatched service and a stellar reputation in the greater Seattle area, Dupar & Co. felt it was time for a brand refresh. Their two core brands, Lisa Dupar Catering & Pomegranate Bistro, had become outdated and were in need of a fresh look to stay relevant in their industry. In addition to refreshing their catering and restaurant companies, we helped add a new brand to family: Dupar on the Fly – a casual to-go food service. Through in-depth strategy sessions with the key stakeholders, we were able to refine the brand architecture, messaging, and full visual suite. Together with logo designs, fonts, colors, websites, and collateral, we infused fresh energy and clarity into the brands, while retaining the integrity of a well-established Seattle company. Each brand brings its own personality while sitting comfortably under the Dupar & Co. umbrella.

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Dupar & Co. Logo Design
Dupar & Co. Brand Family
Lisa Dupar Catering Kitchen
Lisa Dupar Catering Old Logo
Lisa Dupar Catering New Logo Design
Dupar & Company | Logo on Business Card
Lisa Dupar Catering Brand Attributes
Lisa Dupar Catering Web Design
Lisa Dupar Catering Brand Compass Book

Alfa Charlie has taken us on an amazing journey of discovery about ourselves, our clients and our company. They have helped us take our clients on a visual journey through Lisa Dupar Catering, Pomegranate Bistro, and Dupar on the Fly with three different looks that accurately reflect each brand. Reva’s “flying chicken,” created for our casual brand, brings a smile every time I see it.

Lisa DuparFounder, Dupar & Co.
Pomegranate Bistro Kitchen
Pomegranate Bistro Old Logo Design
Pomegranate Bistro New Logo Design
Pomegrantae Bistro Business Card Design
Pomegranate Bistro | Typography
Pomegranate Bistro | Typography
Pomegrantae Bistro Brand Messaging
Pomegrantae Bistro Stacked Logo Design
Pomegranate Bistro Icons
Pomegranate Bistro Bar Menu
Pomegranate Bistro Logo
Pomegranate Bistro Icon Design
Dupar on the Fly Logo Design
Dupar on the Fly Icon Design
Dupar on the Fly Logo Design