First Tuesdays with Alfa Charlie

San Diego Hike - First Tuesdays with Alfa Charlie

Recent studies have shown that spending time in nature and disconnecting from technology can help our brains and body stay healthy.

By stepping away from our desks, we give ourselves permission to reflect, to dream and to free our minds from daily tasks so that we can create a space that, in hopes, opens us up to a little spark of inspiration.

So, we are doing just that.

Join us every first Tuesday of the month as we turn off our computers and step outside. Whether it is through nature, eating tacos, visiting a museum or giving back in some way, we invite you to participate.

Due to the holidays, our January event will take place on Tuesday, January 14th. We’ll meet for coffee at 9am and then head to the Museum of Photographic Arts when it opens at 10am.

Mark your calendar for every first Tuesday and stay tuned for upcoming events in 2020!

Please contact us if you would like to be notified of future outings.

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