Behind the Mask

Behind The Mask | San Diego

When shelter-in-place orders went into effect due to COVID-19 in early March, it changed the way we interact — as peers, as consumers, as social beings. 

Many of us leaned into the digital tools available to remain connected and safe. We caught up with family and friends around the country and had groceries delivered to our doorsteps. At a time of crisis, we found comfort in our digital connections. 

However, in a world where we are so digitally engaged, we are recognizing our real need for human connection and long for the day we can pull up a chair at our corner bar.

For small businesses the pandemic has changed the way we operate.

With orders from the state and local governments to shut down, many of us have been pivoting and problem solving to find creative ways to get by. At a time where we are being asked to back peddle, there is a bigger need to move forward. 

Local shops and restaurants make up the charm and personality of our neighborhoods. They are the backbone of the community around us. So how do we come together to support each other?

Masked up, we met with entrepreneurs and the decision makers behind some of San Diego’s favorite businesses to check in on how they’re doing and learn how we could best support them. 

Throughout August, we’ll be highlighting these local businesses and the people behind them.

Learn what COVID has taught them about connection and how you can best show your support for the community.


Behind The Mask | San Diego




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