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Many of us can agree that experiences shape our life. But are our memories of these experiences just as important?

This past year has been unanticipated on so many levels. While we have all encountered the events of 2020 in some capacity, the way we have seen, heard and felt them has been different.

Some could say this year’s events have united us. A global pandemic, the absence of sports, the impacts of working from home and school closures, financial burdens, empty shelves and the fear of running out of toilet paper. 

On the other hand, many could argue the year has created a divide amongst some of the closest of friends. The impact has been immediate, and yet, to be discovered. 

Perhaps, the one thing we can agree on though is 2020 is a year to be remembered. 

To do so, we are putting together a visual essay that captures the events and emotions of  San Diego during 2020. We are teaming up with The One Club San Diego to gather artwork that narrates the story of the past year and to translate our memories into art. 

We welcome all forms of art to be submitted. 

At the close of the year, we’ll curate the submissions into a printed book and digital experience — a keepsake to remember 2020. The printed version will be for sale at a later date, with proceeds supporting the San Diego creative community. 

We invite you to be part of it.

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