Wellness Series:
An introduction

Wellness Series

Agency life has gotten a bad report in the past. Known for late nights and coffee fueled deadlines, it’s hard to believe the industry can break the mold for potential “work-life balance.” Often, it leaves us wondering is there is such a thing, and if wellness can have a place in the creative field.

Call us old-school, but we still believe in balance. As a boutique agency, we seek a greater well-being, and view wellness as encompassing all that we do  —  how we perform on the job, to how we spend our time outside the office.

While we strive to keep steady work hours, we acknowledge the need to step away from our desks. Whether it’s a quiet table at a coffee shop to sketch or a walk around the block to clear our mind, we pay attention to what motivates and restrains our creative energy. By making it a core principle for how we approach things, we are creating a balancing mechanism to work and life as a whole.


Introducing the Wellness Series

Welcome to our own wellness series — a place where we explore self care, work-life balance tips, and little lessons that bring a sense of calm to our hectic days.

As a way to ingrain this healthy lifestyle into our every day, we’re also bringing people together through outdoor adventures and shared experiences so we can make connections away from work.


Want to get involved?

We’re looking to partner with local business and creatives to create fresh content, events, and more. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved.

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