The Alfa Charlie Story

Alfa Charlie Flags

The Beginning

Alfa Charlie is the brainchild of both of us — Kimberly Gilroy and Reva Green. We met one another while designing for other agencies, and during that time, we were each at a point in our careers when we were not only contemplating the intersection between our work and our identities, but were ready to take the leap towards creating something of our own. 

When flown together at sea, the Alfa Charlie nautical flags are a signal to abandon ship. For us, it’s an acclamation to free oneself from restraints; to start new and define a fresh path. It was this combined desire which inspired us to give Alfa Charlie its namesake and set us up to begin attracting clients like ourselves — kindred spirits looking to pull up their anchors, disrupt the course and go a different way.

Whether it’s a business owner looking to refresh their brand or the startup ready to change the world, it’s our mission to help our clients navigate through the fog and come out with a clearer focus of who they are as a brand, what they stand for, and where they want to go. 


Telling Our Clients’ Stories 

Throughout the course of our careers, the one thing we really felt was amiss (and crucial to creating truly outstanding work) was the kinship between ourselves and the people we were designing for. So, we set out to create opportunities that would allow us to put connection first. 

When we design for our clients we are keenly aware that we’re not just simply making a website or creating a logo: we’re telling a story. This process begins by building a relationship with our clients to unearth that story and pinpoint the struggles and successes, that while unique, also bind every individual and every business out there. We’ve found time and again, like ourselves, it’s that personal narrative that serves as the compass and the driver for where our clients want to go… and what helps us guide them there. 


Our Vision

Stylistically, our agency vision is to create fresh experiences that stand out and raise the bottom line. We advocate for simplicity and have a very healthy relationship with white space. Our strengths lie in our efficiency, and our passion lies in the support and connection we build with others. We love what we do, what we stand for, and the brand stories we are privileged to share.

Here’s to telling more stories. Here’s to rewriting the map, and should the winds inspire change, here’s to fearlessly accepting the invitation to change with it.

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