New year, same you.

New year same you

Amplify your truth


Pop the bubbly! It’s a new year, and with it comes the notation for reinvention and — in the business world – the idea that your brand can be better. 

It’s tempting to want to change aspects of your brand every year. You’ve been paying close attention to your competitors, taking notes, and you’re ready to make some improvements of your own. However, the trouble with this New Year mentality is it drives us to make decisions that might not be beneficial to long-term brand goals. 

As brand experts, business owners, and friends, we are here to tell you: pause.

Times change, trends come and go, but one thing should always remain consistent: the core principles of your brand. These principles define what you stand for, what you believe, and the impact you seek to create — all while answering fundamental questions such as the who, what, why, and how of your brand. At Alfa Charlie, we call this your anchor.

With all of today’s distractions, your anchor is what grounds your brand. It encompasses the blocks on which your brand is built, and bridges your business strategy and marketing so you can show up authentically.



According to a study published in the International Journal of Consumer Studies, brand authenticity is defined as ‘the extent to which consumers perceive a brand to be faithful and true toward itself and its consumers, and to support consumers being true to themselves.’

Research from this 25-year-old study — published in 2021 — shows that brand authenticity is now believed to be a core asset in mainstream marketing.

Successful brands put customers first. They understand that customer satisfaction and brand loyalty is earned by the positive experiences customers have with your brand. In the age of social media and immediate feedback, having intention behind the experiences you create is more important than ever. Looking inward, does your company reflect what it stands to promote?

Patagonia has long been a brand that continues to demonstrate brand authenticity. Anchored in their commitment to build good products and save the planet, Patagonia’s mission statement communicates what the company does. By understanding who they are at their core, Patagonia continuously fulfills its mission by building durable products, investing in renewable energy, actively campaigning for environmental causes, and creating programs like the Worn Wear program. Through this program, they not only educate consumers on how to make their product last but allow consumers to buy and sell used gear in an effort to reduce overall consumption in the process.

What they teach us is consistency is key. By knowing who you are and showing up truthfully, your brand no longer puts all its power into the hands of the consumers. Instead, your brand can build upon a symbiotic relationship with your audience that has you both working towards the same goal. With this comes brand loyalty and shared values that support your growth.

So this New Year, we invite you to look inside. Is the core of who you are as a brand being clearly communicated to your audience through your team, voice, visuals, and action? Every decision you make and the  goal you set as a company should be founded on your core principles. If something isn’t aligned, be sure to revisit this before making any major changes.

If you’ve lost track of your anchor, don’t fret. Take this time to bring clarity into your brand’s purpose and what you stand for as a company. This will ensure that everything you do aligns with your core values and the future you seek to create.

Our advice this new year: bring it back to you.



Alfa Charlie is an award-winning creative agency based in San Diego, California. We use design as a tool to build meaningful connections between brands, people, and the planet. We work with clients who value the importance of human well-being and believe a brand can be a catalyst for change. Through strategic practice, we help clients navigate a clear path to building relationships with their customers while staying true to what they stand for.


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