Branding & Website Case Study:
Lisa Dupar Catering


Thirty years in the Pacific Northwest landed our catering client on the map, but how do you translate the true quality of a scratch-kitchen caterer for a generation fixated on Instagrammable hors d’oeuvres?



We took to the task of designing an update worthy of the caterer’s long legacy, while highlighting the chef-owned company’s ability to deliver on any request. We applied a light, modern elegance to put all Lisa Dupar Catering’s skill and substance on display. The result: true culinary artistry anchored by solid experience.



Visual identity

Lisa Dupar Catering represents the catering side of the brand family, with Pomegranate Bistro as the other half, and Dupar & Company up top. This trio called for a dynamic set of identities. Retaining the integrity of a three-decades-old entity, we revamped fonts and colors, infusing everything with fresh energy. To balance the professional and the playful, we updated Lisa Dupar Catering with a hand-lettered signature and a stylish monogram-style date underscoring Lisa Dupar Catering’s Seattle roots. The deep navy, a contemporary sterling-tinted robin’s egg, and a set of versatile and earthy browns pair nicely with kraft paper, leather, and twine.

Lisa Dupar Catering Logo Design | Before & After


The main corporate identity got a refresh too, with a wordmark drawn from the Lisa Dupar Catering logo letterforms. The elegant minimalism translates beautifully to frame the brand family, with a typographic numero symbol paying homage to the ongoing legacy. Dupar & Company distinguishes itself with a streamlined color palette of blues carried over from the catering side.


Brand Voice

A mainstay in the Pacific Northwest, Lisa Dupar Catering is eminently recognizable, but strategy sessions revealed a need for a re-centering of the brand expression. We set out to amplify Lisa Dupar Catering’s authentic voice around the essential characteristics that have defined the chef-led entity since the beginning: the artisanal integrity, the approachability and warmth, the energy of the close-knit team, and the commitment to exceptional service.

We drew this intrinsic character out and captured it in a new vision, mission, tagline, and tone. The brand values woven throughout forge a strong connection between Lisa Dupar Catering and its ultra-discerning audiences: the corporate businessperson and the bride.



We started from scratch: An updated site architecture added an intuitive flow and a more user-friendly experience that invites visitors to explore more.

Deploying multiple galleries, sliders, and parallax backgrounds, we showcase the breadth of Lisa Dupar Catering’s work and the scale of the events. We made full use of the rich photography and full-bleed video throughout the site to add a modern cinematic feel and reveal the warm personality and attention to detail that define the Lisa Dupar Catering team.

And despite the nearly endless tables of artfully presented food and drink, the site maintains a light, elegant feel, due in part to the effortlessness of the smooth scroll and smooth page transitions.

Finally, we conducted an SEO audit, keyword research, and a competitor analysis to pinpoint and maximize opportunities, and then we implemented the SEO strategy throughout the site.



We developed a cohesive collateral package to align Lisa Dupar Catering together with Dupar & Company. The branded set includes menus, promotional postcards, a specialty cake brochure, and a full stationery suite with letterhead, envelopes, thank you notes, and business cards.

Lisa Dupar Catering Business Card Design



A cohesive, expansive, and contemporary set of assets caught the attention of prospective and current clients, as well as industry peers. Following the brand refresh and launch of the new site, Lisa Dupar Catering saw an 87% increase in traffic, plus a 10% increase in new leads compared to the same time period in the previous year. We also helped improve the site’s SERP position for target keywords, making the brand more visible.

Alfa Charlie provides a comprehensive approach to branding, design, messaging, and web development for small businesses looking to elevate their presence on and offline. Their work boosted confidence in our brand, and made a huge difference in our day-to-day operations.
– Christy Augsburger  { Marketing Director, Dupar & Company }



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